How does platinum compare to nipple rings gold for wedding rings?

Platinum is more durable than nipple rings gold . It also does not need rhodium plating to achieve the bright white finish that you see in white gold (rhodium is a platinum family metal).


Some people are allergic to nipple rings gold as it is a lower purity alloy with substantial quantities of other metals such as nickel, copper, silver etc. Whereas platinum jewelry being generally 95% pure retains the property of Platinum being hypoallergenic.


Platinum is way more durable than nipple rings gold & does not lose metal when scratched, which over decades means, platinum will not lose as much weight as white gold does due to scratching.


Generally platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry. However if the price is not an issue, platinum is generally considered a better metal than nipple rings gold  for wedding bands. But finally, the choice is yours!


If a white ring is desired, to make this with gold, an alloy of gold is needed to “make” it appear white. So the gold is alloyed with various nipple rings gold, such as silver, palladium , nickel, etc. and will be supplied as 14 karat ( ~58% gold) or 18 karat ( 75% gold) along with those other metals that give it a white color. And further, many white gold wedding bands are plated with rhodium ( another white precious metal) to give it a hard durable, lustrous, whiter surface.


Some jewelers consider the platinum settings ( those little fingers holding the setting) to be longer nipple rings gold lasting due to the slightly better ductility and toughness of platinum compared to white karat gold. I don’t have personal experience here, but would investigate further if i was in the market for a wedding ring.


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